Thomas Hermann's research
on Sonification, Data Mining & Ambient Intelligence
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SuperCollider Extensions

Find here SuperCollider classes by Thomas Hermann, which are useful for programming sonifications.


OctaveSC is a class to interface with the free powerful math package octave.


The class allows to


OctaveSC is provided as zip archive (download [ (16kB)]) with the OctaveSC class directory containing the class file and a help file See the README.txt for installation instructions and how to get started.

Contributing to OctaveSC

The standard data types (scalars, vectors, matrices) of numbers work reliable, and I find OctaveSC very useful. However, its functionality is far from complete in this version. In particular, I'd like to address for future versions the Suggestions for improving OctaveSC are very welcome, please e-mail your code fragment for inclusion into the official distribution provided on this website.
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