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Auditory Display has grown into a more and more vivid research community. These sites contain information about the AD community such as some links, news, upcoming events, journal issues, projects, etc. If you miss some relevant info or link, please help me to improve the site and send an e-mail!

The Auditory Display Community

  • The International Community for Auditory Display (ICAD) is the first address for anyone interested in sonification and auditory display. There is an annual conference on the topic. ICAD members are highly interdisciplinary, including researchers from auditory perception, psychology, computer science, sound engineers, music, artists, and engineers from all fields that might have an interest in using sound for their particular application.
  • The number of researchers concerned with sonification is increasing, the whole field is quite young. In fact the first ICAD was 1992.
  • The International Meeting on Interactive Sonification is currently establishing as a smaller event focussed on those sonification systems, where the user is tightly integrated in a closed loop system. This event takes place in Europe if ICAD is hosted on another continent.
  • The EU COST action 287 (ConGAS, Gestural Controlled Audio Systems) is concerned with any system where audio is controlled or generated in response to gestural movement. Although sonification is not a primary focus it has significant overlap. Contacts for sonification in ConGAS are Thomas Hermannand Andy Hunt.
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Where to learn more about Sonification and Auditory Display?

  • A very good start is the book “Auditory Display” (Ed. Gregory Kramer), Addison-Wesley, 1994.
  • Currently a textbook/reference book titled Principles of Sonification and Auditory Display is under preparation (Eds. Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John Neuhoff), to appear 2006/2007.
  • Almost all ICAD research papers are available online at
  • There are a couple of dissertations about sonification available online, e.g.
    • Thomas Hermann, Sonification for Exploratory Data Analysis (pdf, 21Mb)
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  • Sonification for Exploratory Data Analysis is some online material about sonification by Thomas Hermann, including an overview of applications and sonification techniques, including Model-based sonification.
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