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  1. Introduction (PDF, 868k)
    by Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John G. Neuhoff
  2. Theory of Sonification (PDF, 1M)
    by Bruce N. Walker and Michael A. Nees
  3. Psychoacoustics (PDF, 5.7M)
    by Simon Carlile
  4. Perception, Cognition and Action in Auditory Displays (PDF, 1M)
    by John G. Neuhoff
  5. Sonic Interaction Design (PDF, 10.9M)
    by Stefania Serafin, Karmen Franinovic, Thomas Hermann, Guillaume Lemaitre, Michal Rinott, Davide Rocchesso
  6. Evaluation of Auditory Display (PDF, 1.2M)
    by Terri L. Bonebright and John H. Flowers
  7. Sonification Design and Aesthetics (PDF, 1.1M)
    by Stephen Barrass and Paul Vickers
  8. Statistical Sonification for Exploratory Data Analysis (PDF, 1.6M)
    by Sam Ferguson, William Martens and Densil Cabrera
  9. Sound Synthesis for Auditory Display (PDF, 3M)
    by Perry R. Cook
  10. Laboratory Methods for Experimental Sonification (PDF, 1.1M)
    by Till Bovermann, Julian Rohrhuber and Alberto de Campo
  11. Interactive Sonification (PDF, 1M)
    by Andy Hunt and Thomas Herman
  12. Audification (PDF, 1.5M)
    by Florian Dombois and Gerhard Eckel
  13. Auditory Icons (PDF, 1.2M)
    by Eoin Brazil and Mikael Fernström
  14. Earcons (PDF, 1.2M)
    by David McGookin and Stephen Brewster
  15. Parameter Mapping Sonification (PDF, 2.4M)
    by Florian Grond, Jonathan Berger
  16. Model-Based Sonification (PDF, 1.4M)
    by Thomas Hermann
  17. Auditory Display in Assistive Technology (PDF, 1M)
    by Alistair D. N. Edwards
  18. Sonification for Process Monitoring (PDF, 1.5M)
    by Paul Vickers
  19. Intelligent auditory alarms (PDF, 1M)
    by Anne Guillaume
  20. Navigation of Data (PDF, 1.9M)
    by Eoin Brazil and Mikael Fernström
  21. Aiding Movement with Sonification in “Exercise, Play and Sport” (PDF, 5.3M)
    by Oliver Höner (Ed.)