Thomas Hermann | Events and Invited Talks

Event Organization and Editorial Work

  • Editor of the textbook Principles of Sonification and Auditory Display, (in preparation)
  • Editor for the book chapter Tangible Interactions for Audio Systems, to appear in Sound Gestures, (in preparation)
  • Organizer (together with Andy Hunt) of the 2nd International Workshop on Interactive Sonification, held in York,, Feb. 2007
  • Organizer (together with Oliver Höner) of the 1st Symposium on Interactive Sonification in Sports, held in Bielefeld,, Oct. 2004
  • Guest Editor of IEEE MultiMedia, Special Issue on Interactive Sonification (together with Andy Hunt, York University), 2004
  • Initiator and Organizer of the first International Workshop on Interactive Sonification, held in Bielefeld,, Jan. 2004
  • Organization (together with other scholarship holders) of an International Interdisciplinary Workshop between Linguistics and Computer Science, titled Perception and Production, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CIR) Bielefeld, Dec. 2000

Funded Projects

  • Project: Sonification of multivariate Cross-Correlations in epileptic EEG, funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG), together with Gerold Baier and Helge Ritter, started 07/2007.
  • Principal investigator for Project C5: Alignment in AR-based Cooperation within th Collaboratory Research Centre CRC 673, (Alignment in Communication), German Science Foundation, granted 07/2006
  • Project Partner in the Interdisciplinary Research Project “Denkgeräusche” (“Sounding Thoughts”), Sonification of EEG data (with Forian Dombois, HKB, Bern, Gerold Baier, Cuernavacas, Mexico, et. al.), 05/2005-05/2007

Invited Talks (Selection)

  • Sonification – Listen to Epilepsy, Invited Presentation together with Gerold Baier, Freiburg Epilepsy Prediction Workshop (website), 10/2007
  • Sonifikation for Data Mining and EEG Analysis, Invited talk, Sound Studies Colloquium, Berlin University of Arts, UdK Berlin, 06/2007
  • Vocal Sonification of EEG for Diagnosis and Monitoring, Heidelberger Innovationsforum, organized by EML (Europea Media Lab), Heidelberg, 10th May 2006.
  • Model-based Sonification for Interacting with Data, invited talk, Workshop Science by Ear, Graz, Austria, 03/2006.
  • Methods for EEG-Sonification, invited talk, held together with Till Bovermann, HKB School of Higher Arts Bern, Switzerland, 08/2005.
  • Perspectives of Interactive Sonification, invited talk, Informatics Colloquium, University of Hamburg, Germany, 06/2005.
  • Supercollider vs PureData – A comparison, Presentation at the PD Educational Workshop, University of York, York, U.K., 03/2005.
  • Exploring high-dimensional data with Neural-Network-based Auditory Displays, Invited Talk, Graduate Program “Strategies & Optimisation of Behaviour”, Bielefeld University, 11/2004.
  • Multiscale Auditory Displays – Interacting with the complexity level in Model-based Sonification, invited talk at Workshop “Multiscale Structures in the Analysis of High-dimensional data”, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA, 10/2004
  • Sonification – Auditory Displays for Exploratory Data Analysis, invited talk, Caltech, Pasadena, Los Angeles, USA, 10/2004
  • Datamining-Crash-Course, Invited Talk, Graduate Program “Strategies & Optimisation of Behaviour”, Bielefeld University, 07/2004.
  • Sonification — Auditory Displays for Data Exploration, invited talk, HKB, Bern, Switzerland, 06/2004
  • Interactive Sonification using Neural Networks — Techniques and Tools, invited talk, GIST, Computer Science Dept., Glasgow, UK, 02/2004
  • The Discipline of Interactive Sonification, keynote and introduction, together with Andy Hunt, Int. Workshop on Interactive Sonification, Bielefeld University, Germany, 01/2004.
  • Sonification and Human Computer Interfaces for Intercative Data Exploration, invited talk, School of Computing Science, Middlesex, University, UK, 10/2003.
  • Sonification and Human Computer Interfaces for Data Exploration, invited talk, Fraunhofer IMG (formerly GMD), St. Augustin, 22/05/2003.
  • Using Sound to convey Meaning, invited talk, Infonomics Institute, Maastricht, Netherlands, 09/2001
  • Sonifikation zur Explorativen Datenanalyse, invited talk, Gesellschaft für Informatik, Universität Ulm, Germany, 07/2001
  • Sonifikation von Börsendaten, Hypovereinsbank München – Research, München, 12/2000
  • Sonification for Exploratory Data Analysis, invited talk, Lucent Technologies, NJ, 10/2000