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With this website I aim to give an overview of sonification and auditory display in general, and of my research and publications in particular.

5m long hearing horn The world is full of sounds. We are immersed in acoustic (often informative) complexity. Our listening skills have evolved to enable effortless interpretation. It is timely to challenge these skills for understanding complex data. Keep your ears open! Sound is around! (photo: TH, 2007-04-23, close to Bruxelles-Zuid)

Sonification – the auditory equivalent of scientific visualization – is getting more and more established, and the Internet plays an important role for this, since it allows us to share rendered sound examples and even real-time rendered interactive sonifications. For this reason, these websites contain lots of sonification examples to illustrate my sonification techniques and their uses.

The community pages contain links to community sites such as ICAD and to active sonification research groups, furthermore some general news and events are posted there.

I have been active in the field of sonification since 1998 when I initiated the research on sonification in the Neuroinformatics Group at Bielefeld University. My current position is the head of the Ambient Intelligence Group at CITEC in Bielefeld, Germany. My research interests include, besides sonification, data mining, Ambient Intelligence, neural networks, and various fields in Human-Computer Interaction such as Augmented Reality, Pervasive Computing and Tangible Interaction.

I hope you find this domain useful and interesting.

Thomas Hermann